Mobile app and game development
Mobile app and game development

Mobile Applications and Games – Android, iOS, Unity…

We spent most of our time coding our own apps and games. However, we create a limited number of mobile apps and games for our clients provided their idea and the business plan are solid and have the necessary funding to do so. Our mobile application and game development supports Apple iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

Our solutions vary from prototyping to project management of the complete application development process, marketing and application life cycle management depending on individual client requirements. With service contracts that give the customer a guaranteed support and maintenance of their apps and games.

How to create a successful mobile application?

A great imagination leads to a great app;

– Identify a problem which can be resolved by your app

– Decide the features of your app


– Application target users

– Mobile platforms and devices to be supported

– Revenue model

Design your app;

Identify approach to develop the app;

– Native, web or hybrid

Develop a prototype;

Integrate an appropriate analytics tool;

Identify beta-testers. Listen to their feedback and integrate relevant features / ideas;

Release / deploy the app;

Capture the metrics;

Upgrade your app with improvements and new features;

Market your app right;