Software programming in Cambridge
Software programming in Cambridge

Software Programming, AI and Deep Learning

Software application programming is our core business here in Cambridge. We strives to create and develop modern applications that use AI, machine learning and deep learning to solve problems.

The software programming process;

Identifying the problem

Designing / planning a solution

Writing the program

Testing the program

Documenting the program

Implementing the program

Maintaining, updating and further improving  the program


Software development methodologies;

Waterfall development methodology
– Requirements
– Design
– Implementation
– Verification
– Maintenance

Rapid application development methodology
– Requirements
– User design
– Construction
– Cutover

Agile development methodology. There are many different forms including scrum, crystal, extreme programming (XP), and feature-driven development (FDD).)
– Plan
– Collaborate
– Deliver
(feedback -> daily review)

DevOps deployment methodology
– Plan
– Code
– Build
– Test
– Release
– Deploy
– Operate
– Monitor